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What is NewEgg.com?

NewEgg is the second largest internet-only retailer in the United States. NewEgg was founded in 2001, separating itself as the tech-geeks home away from home. NewEgg has grown to be the second largest online retailer by dedicating themselves to their customers experience, from an easy to use website, to fast delivery and great customer support.

By providing over 40 thousand separate products, NewEgg has grown to have over 13 million registered users that have helped shape over 1.7+M seperate user product reviews. NewEgg doesn’t stop there, they also provide high quality product images, detailed product specifications, and even how to information to help their customers.

NewEgg is dedicated to fast delivery, by having over 1 million sq ft of dedicated warehousing they are able to ship products within hours of purchasing. Located throughout the United States close to shipping hubs allows them to have blazing fast shipping times.

NewEgg is dedicated to customer satisfaction. By providing customer support via email, phone support and live online chat customers can get the instant support required. Customer service agents are trained and qualified to assist clients needs.

The online community that NewEgg has developed is unique to any other online retailer. Customers have the opportunity to interact with other computer, gaming and consumer electronics enthusiasts.