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NewEgg is a leading online shopping retailer that offers the best prices on electronics. NewEgg has become one of the most trusted retailers and marketplaces on the internet by being dedicated to providing the best user experience, fast delivery and the best customer support of any online retailer.

NewEgg carries a tremendous amount of products, 36,000+ to be exact from a wide range of manufacturers. NewEgg has grown a following from the tech community by providing the best prices and wide range of electronics that aren’t sold at many other retailers.

NewEgg focuses on the user experience, from the shopping experience and users experience on the website all the way through to decreasing the users wait time after purchasing the product. NewEgg believes in the details, its thorough website provides 1.7 million user reviews to help the user make better and more educated purchasing decisions.

NewEgg is dedicated to fast shipping times as well. By strategically placing their warehouses and shipping facilities they are able to get you, the consumer, your product faster. Currently NewEgg has over 1 million sq. ft of warehouses placed throughout the United States next to major shipping hubs. This ensures things like same-day shipping and other important things that go into the details.

NewEgg offers excellent customer support as well, from email, to live chat, and even phone support. Whatever you want, you have a way of getting in contact.